Automatic Electrical Control Panels- What You Should Know


Modern power networks include a lot of electronic systems which are used for the improvement of the power factor. The automatic electrical control panels are one of them. The automatic electrical control panels come in handy in situations where the power factor needs to vary with the change in load requirements.

Importance of Automatic Electrical Control Panels

In an industrial setup, there are different set of power electronic and electrical load requirements and as these differ, the power factor that has to be applied also needs to vary. Maintaining a consistent power supply as you vary the power factor through fixed capacitors is quite cumbersome due to the manual intervention. Use of fixed capacitors can sometimes lead to transformer saturation, over voltages, malfunctioning of diesel generators, levy of penalties by electricity supply authorities and so on. This explains how vital it is for the automatic variation of the power factor which requires no need for manual intervention at varying intervals. The automatic electrical control panels come of great use in these situations as they ensure a consistent power supply under variable load conditions. All the dealers connected with this equipment like the automatic electrical control panel manufacturers, variable frequency drive dealers etc will vouch for the importance of such equipment.

Features & Applications

Enhancement of the power factor is one of the main aims sought to be achieved by these control panels. A fall in the power factor can cause operational losses besides attracting a fine from the electricity board which supplies electricity. Acute lag of power supply is avoided by the use of this equipment. The main features of this equipment which is available with all automatic electrical control panel manufacturers can be detailed as follows:

  • Maintains a consistent high power factor
  • Ease of use
  • Highly efficient
  • Effortless switch on and off function
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Equipped with electrical insulation
  • Distinctly marked indicators and buttons
  • Minimizes harmonic current
  • Offers protection to electrical equipments

The automatic control panels find their way into several applications and are available in varying current ratings so as to suit the needs of the various applications. Some of the areas where they are of great use are windmills, micro processors, process controllers, electrical installations, LT & HT factories, line voltage analysis etc.

Maintenance Program

All equipment related to power networks has to undergo a proper maintenance procedure. This fact will be corroborated by the automatic electrical control panel manufacturers, VFD dealers etc. Some of the basic things that have to be taken care of include the following:

Protection from Pests: Placing a rodent trap in a corner of the room where such equipment is situated is a must. The trap has to be regularly inspected.

Protection from Dust: It is essential to vacuum clean the dust near the equipment. Circuit boards have to be approached with care.

Connection Control: Loose connections can be caused due to re-tightening of terminal screws. Over-tightening leads to a reduction in their clamping power. Use of infrared guns to ascertain on a high resistance terminal is a better option. Follow the procedure of disassembling, cleaning and reassembling.

Insulation: Wiring failures can be prevented through an insulation resistance testing program.

Whatever application an automatic control panel is being used for, there should be no compromise on the basic maintenance program so that it works for many years to come.