Introduction to Automatic Electrical Control Panels & VFDs


Are you having power spikes in your factory? Is your production being affected on a regular basis? Not to worry! You need to take the help of Automatic Electrical Control Panels. An electrical panel acts as the central distribution point of power for all electrical circuits in the industry. Now what does an Automatic Electrical Control Panel mean?

Automatic Electrical Control Panel is a device that automatically switches to a standby generator in case of a power blackout and prevents the stoppage of any industrial process. No manual intervention is required to obtain power from the alternate mode and this becomes a highly helpful factor. A proven product, this device offers total protection against power spikes and enables monitoring from afar-off location. These are available in several sizes and varying voltage capacity so as to suit the specific requirements of the industry. It includes a battery charger, electronic circuit boards, power relays, terminal blocks and any other essential equipment that transmit a signal to the generator to start on when the main power goes off.

The Automatic Electrical Control Panel manufacturers have developed the device to handle high loads and heavy pressure jobs. The status of the mains is constantly monitored by this panel and it takes the required action in case of overload thus decreasing chances of fire accidents or occurrence of short circuits. The steel cover of the device affords it protection from electromagnetic fields which are created by switch of the panel box and the mains. It thus guarantees the provision of continuous power during the occurrences of power blackout and shuts down the generator automatically on the resumption of main power after giving it a sufficient cooling run. Thereby, they ensure that the level of production is not affected in any way.

The installation of the Automatic Electrical Control Panel requires the hands of the expert and therefore this work is best left to the professional trained in this field. They are normally, located in places which are free from dust, moisture or any chemical exposure. Various ranges of the electrical panel exist in the market and besides the Automatic Electrical Control Panel, another important device that helps in stabilizing the flow of electric current is the Variable Frequency Drive. Each of the Variable Frequency Drive dealers will vouch for the great use of this device too in all the industrial applications. This is a device that affords protection in case of voltage imbalance. It serves as an electrical switch that monitors the supply of power to the machine for attaining varying speeds. It alters the voltage and frequency of power supply to the machine, increasing the torque as the motor starts. By monitoring the voltage speed amounts and electric current they are able to save energy costs to a great extent.

For both the devices to work at their best capacities it is necessary for them to be purchased from reputed VFD dealers and Automatic Electrical Control Panel manufacturers. There are many reliable suppliers of these products in the market; one can get a list of them from any online directory.