Energy Efficient Motors- Must for Today’s Business


Today, every business is concerned about energy efficiency as it is directly related to their bottom line. Energy efficiency saves thousands on your electricity bill besides going a long way towards a greener environment. Having Crompton Greaves energy efficient motors will prove useful in this regard.

It has been estimated that a large part of any nation’s energy cost is dependent upon the electric motors in use and the more efficient they are the more the savings that will be obtained. The model or layout of the electric motor used in your business or home plays a significant role in determining the overall energy efficiency. Every electric motor has to meet energy efficiency standards laid down by the law of the country. So, what determines an electric motor’s energy efficiency? It is basically the ratio of mechanical power output to electrical power output that is a decisive factor.

The key to having an energy efficient motor is to have a layout or design that supports increased efficiency. Crompton Greaves electric motors give this assurance as the quality and type of parts used in their making go towards enhancing the energy efficiency. Using energy efficient electric motor leads to higher productivity, reduced electricity bills and increased bottom line for your business. As these motors save on power they cause lesser pollution thus helping in the green movement. Energy efficient electric motors also provide certain other advantages like durability of bearing and insulation, greater tolerance to phase imbalances, generation of lesser heat, lesser chances of tripping and in general a longer life. Crompton Greaves flame-proof motors are also a useful option.

If you are considering buying a new electric motor then given below are certain factors that ought to be considered:

  • Size of the motor: Buy a motor size specifically suited to your requirements. There is no point in buying an over-sized motor which will consume more energy than needed for the job on hand. Oversized motors are not required in situations of peak loads as during these times there are far better alternatives that can be adopted.
  • Operating speed: The full-load speed of your new electric motor should be similar to your old one. It is essential to check that the motor nameplate bears the stamp of ‘full load rpm’. The fan and pump has a specific, established design speed which is sensitive to the slight variations in speed and even a minute change of speed can drastically affect the energy efficiency.
  • Inrush currents: Another characteristic of energy efficient motors is their low electrical resistance. Greater inrush currents are exhibited by them as compared to standard models. It is wiser to not overload circuits.

Sometimes, a question occurs whether it is possible to enhance the efficiency of an old motor rather than buying a new one.  This option can be explored as this will cost less than buying a new electric motor. However, the answer to this question is best given by a professional electric motor technician. If he feels that it is necessary to replace your old electric motor then there should be no compromise on that issue.